MUSEO TORINO: the renaissance of my city

Hi to everybody!
A pair of days ago I started this blog by writing about my city. 
Well, I think it was my duty talking firstly about Turin, the place where I'm born and grew up.

Once this city was known just because of FIAT Group (our national factory of cars).  
It was considered "the city of FIAT's workers" and nothing more.
I saw its renaissance, specially during and after "Turin 2006", the fantastic Olympic Winter Games that we all hosted, from Turin to our great "Olympic Mountains".

But Turin was the first Italian capital when, in 1861, thanks to people like Giuseppe Garibaldi and Giuseppe Mazzini, we become one nation: "Italy". 
Right this year (2011) we celebrate an important anniversary: 
our nation is 150 years old. 
Inspite of all that happens around us...  
I think we're proud of being Italians.
So let me suggest you a link where you can find a lot of news and curiousities about Turin: History, museums, exhibitions, pictures, documents and many other things and stuffs. 
It's made right to celebrate the first Italian capital.


Next time I'll post about other places in Italy...



I'm Connie Romano and I live in Turin, a nice city right in front of Alps, the highest mountains of Europe.
A big part of foreign tourists, visiting Italy, knows only the most famous cities or those that host important monuments and artworks.
Well, I would show you more. I would talk about lands and places maybe unknown by your travel agencies, I would post here stories and pics to let you discover beauty of my country.
Welcome to my land, let's start our grand tour.
Have a nice time....