Aosta Valley is a little Italian region on Alps mountains, in the northside of Italy.
I simply love it! I like being there in every season. There's always something good to see or to do.

In winter...

Or summer time....

You can ski.

Enjoy time having relax....

Or climbing.

But, in summer time, I like rafting!

Visiting some ancient castle....

Anyway, have fun and take it easy!


The Friendship Cup, typical of Valle d'Aosta, is a wooden vessel, low and wide, with lid and several spouts used for drinking "à la ronde".

Traditionally used to drink coffee in the Valle d’Aosta with family or friends, this cup is an extraordinary moment of sharing, a real ritual with its own rules.
      "Whoever drinks alone chokes!" This is the said of         friendship coffee in the Aosta Valley.

The ritual of drinking "à la ronde" stimulates joy, is a great aid in digestion and promote good sleep.

To follow the rite, tradition has it that the cup spouts have many friends whom are willing to participate in the drink.

The bowl must be passed counter clockwise, always starting by the elder friend, and each one must drink on his spout.

The container must never be left down, but should go hand in hand, until the coffee is finished.

Passing from hand to hand, the cup everyone has his ration of Valdostan coffee, by a wide margin to repeat the ride over and over again. Hardly, however, is drunk by the same nozzle; this gives the ceremony a touch of promiscuity that creates aggregation and involvement.

Its origin dates back to ancient times, when it was used daily, as a wooden bowl. Only over the years has taken the form today.
The grolla, instead, a large cup, and then, has a vertical shape. The etymology of the grolla is uncertain, but  it’s said the origin is from the Graal, the chalice from which Jesus drank at the Last Supper.

In seems that, in its travels around the world, the Holy Graal has gone from here, through the Grand San Bernardo. What is known for certain is that the cup was a part, since the high Middle Ages, of the common objects used in castles.

Friendship coffee

4 cups of coffee;
3 cups of brandy from Aosta Valley;
1 cup génépy;
6 teaspoons of sugar;
1 lemon zest;
1 orange zest;
1 stick of cinnamon.


Prepare coffee with the classic mocha and, in the meantime, heat in a bain-marie grappa and génépy.
As soon as the coffee is ready, pour it into the cup, add the brandy and génépy, then the sugar, cinnamon and lemon zest and orange zest.
Attention, pouring sugar, grappa and génépy, must also sprinkle the spouts and the edge of the cup!
Mix carefully the coffee and let rest for a few minutes, then turn on the fire and serve at the table.
The fire should be turned off when the sugar becomes caramel, simply by putting the lid on the cup.


Before using for the first time the cup, it must be prepared.

Put in 70-80 g. of vegetable fat that you have to dissolve in bain-marie.

Then spread this melted fat inside the  cup.

The fat must be removed with boiling water.

Now the cup is ready for the friendship coffee.

Enjoy it in every season.